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Alejandro was diagnosed with diabetes when he was hospitalized and his blood sugars were high.  Like so many, the diagnosis made him mad, worried, and sad, so when he was offered to take a diabetes education class, he readily accepted.  Alejandro attended CBHEC’s Diabetes Education classes in April of 2013.  He has since been able to maintain a healthy A1C level.  By eating right, exercising, and checking his blood sugars, Alejandro has not only managed his diabetes, he’s also improved his overall health.

When Alejandro was invited to attend a breakfast in his honor as one of CBHEC’s A1C Champions, he says his first reaction was to reply, “I can’t go.  I don’t have a ride.”  But instead, he felt he had to tell his story to help others. He urges others with diabetes to “check with your doctors, take your meds, exercise, and watch your diet.”