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Healthy South Texas hosts expo in Lake Jackson

August 5, 2017

LAKE JACKSON, Texas — The “Healthy Families, Healthy Communities Expo” made its way to Lake Jackson on August 5 for families in the Brazoria county area. The expo, a community event hosted by Texas A&M Healthy South Texas, provided education, demonstrations and information about lifestyle changes to improve the well-being and health outcomes to more than 400 residents of Brazoria county. 

Vendors from area organizations provided resources in wellness, nutrition, physical activity, health education and more. Free health screenings for diabetes, kidney disease, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, BMI and percent body fat were also provided.

The free event encouraged participants to sign up for programs that focus on reducing the highest impact diseases and their consequences, including diabetes, asthma and infectious diseases.

“Our goal is to provide as many families as we can with support, motivation, resources and knowledge that encourages them to take control of their health and serve as an example for future generations,” said Starr Flores, regional director of Healthy South Texas. “Healthy behaviors picked up in the early years can develop into lifelong habits. That means healthy kids today will be strong, productive adults down the road. That’s a world we can all look forward to for our kids and grandkids.”

-Les D. Cockrell