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Community Education

"Controlling Your Diabetes" Class

This diabetes self-management class, recognized by the American Diabetes Association, gives individuals an overview of diabetes and educates them on blood glucose monitoring, carbohydrate counting, meal planning, medication and insulin administration, the benefits of exercising, and the importance of preventing diabetes complications. Participants return for follow-up lab work every three months for one year.

This class is for individuals diagnosed with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Expectant mothers-to-be diagnosed with gestational diabetes are also invited to attend and are consulted on an individual basis to meet their specific needs. Classes are held weekly with options that include an eight-hour one-day class, a series of four two-hour classes and classes in Spanish. Throughout the year, series classes are held at workplaces, churches or other selected locations. Learn more.

Family Night Support Group

These monthly events provide participants of our Controlling Your Diabetes classes and their family members with continued education on diabetes self-management. Each month past participants are invited to attend to hear a featured guest speaker and learn more about diabetes related topics. No cost.

Hyperlipidemia Consultation

The consultation educates on ways to help lower cholesterol and improve lipid profiles. It promotes lifestyle changes to reduce modifiable risk factors for coronary artery disease, diet modification, physical activity, lifestyle habits and brief medication review. This service is offered by appointment only and is free of charge.

Care for Your Kidneys Training

Our health educators provide education on the prevention of chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Topics include the basic function of the kidney, five stages of kidney failure, and the definition and risk factors of CKD. The health educators explain lab value results (GFR, serum creatinine, BUN, potassium, sodium and calcium), including the importance of knowing and maintaining healthy values. This service is offered by appointment only and is free of charge.

Hypertension Training

Our health educators teach individuals how to better control blood pressure. The training promotes lifestyle changes such as diet modification, physical activity and lifestyle habits to reduce risk factors. It also includes discussion of complications associated with high blood pressure and a review of medications. Offered by appointment only and free of charge.

"Healthy Living for Life!" Classes

This program's primary goals are to educate the community on healthy lifestyles for the prevention of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some cancers. Topics include chronic disease prevention, healthy eating advice, physical activity benefits, and behavior modification tips. Classes are offered at various work sites, schools and faith-based centers. Current pricing will be verified upon registration.