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Nutrition Education Resources

Grocery Shopping TourThe diabetes education program offers nutrition resources.
The grocery shopping tours and “virtual” grocery shopping tours help people navigate a supermarket to make more balanced choices when planning meals. Participants also receive instruction on how to read nutrition labels and meal planning while keeping an eye on their food costs.

Healthy Cooking Demonstration
Healthy cooking demonstrations help those with diabetes and their families learn how to prepare nutritious meals that can improve blood glucose levels and reduce weight. After watching staff from the Coastal Bend Health Education Center prepare dishes, class participants are given copies of the recipes and taste samples of the prepared dishes. 

Dining in the Real World
Dining in the Real World teaches those with diabetes how to eat at their favorite restaurants while still controlling their blood sugars. Participants learn how to make adjustments to their meal plans to incorporate a variety of restaurant foods. Class participants study menu items from restaurants around the area and learn which options are best.